62% and 102% return – The Nordic healthcare stocks are doing great this year

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In the past week, Ascendis Pharma presented their 2030 vision, Biosergen changed CEO, Fluoguide provided an update on FG001, Zealand Pharma raised more than a billion DKK, while Genmab and Zealand Pharma received new price targets.

9 of the 20 listed Danish biotech companies published news. 10 of the 20 companies had a positive share price development the past week and 11 companies have had a positive share price performance year-to-date.

ExpreS2ion Biotech is the best performing stock year-to-date with a 62% return and Lidds was the best investment last week with a return of 102%.

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Ascendis Pharma

Ascendis Pharma Introduces Vision 2030 (Link)


Biosergen Announces Leadership Transition: Peder M. Andersen to Step Down as CEO, Tine Olesen Appointed as Successor (Link)


Cessatech announces TO2 warrant exercise price and start of exercise period (Link)

Cessatech announces the start of the exercise period for warrants of series TO2 (Link)

CS Medica

No news the past week


No news the past week

Evaxion Biotech

Evaxion Announces Plan to Implement ADS Ratio Change (Link)


No news the past week


FluoGuide provides strategic update and outlines development plans towards commercialization of FG001 (Link)


TIVDAK® (tisotumab vedotin-tftv) Supplemental Biologics License Application Accepted for Priority Review by U.S. Food and Drug Administration for Patients with Recurrent or Metastatic Cervical Cancer (Link)

RBC lowered their price target from 2,900 DKK to 2,500 DKK.


No news the past week

Initiator Pharma

Initiator Pharma expands its position to a broader Sexual Health Franchise and intensifies its business development efforts (Link)

IO Biotech

No news the past week

Pila Pharma

No news the past week


Saniona announces final terms of rights issue (Link)

Scandion Oncology

No news the past week

SynAct Pharma

No news the past week


No news the past week

Zealand Pharma

Zealand Pharma announces directed issue and private placement for gross proceeds of DKK 1.45 billion (Link)

Zealand Pharma major shareholder announcement: Avoro Capital Advisors LLC (Link)

Goldman Sachs raised their price target from 412DKK to 468DKK

Y-mAbs Therapeutics

No news the past week


No news the past week



On average, the Danish biotech and healthcare stocks delivered a negative share price performance the past week of -0.2%. Interestingly, the top 3 stocks did not report any news. The most notable news in the past week were Ascendis Pharma presenting their 2030 vision, Biosergen changing its CEO, Fluoguide providing a strategic update for the commercialization of FG001, Initiator Pharma expanding their position to a broader sexual health franchise, Zealand Pharma raising almost DKK 1.5 billion as well as Genmab and Zealand Pharma getting new price targets. The best stocks year-to-date are CS Medica, Y-mAbs Therapeutics, Expres2ion Biotech Holding with 41-62% increases already after two weeks of trading. Overall the Danish biotech and healthcare stocks are in positive territory this year with a year-to-date return of 8.6%.

Read more about Curasight (in Danish): Positive studiedata mod lungekræft styrker Curasights stærke kursudvikling

Overview of share price developments the past week, year-to-date, and last twelve months


The past week, the all Nordic index Kapital Partner Nordic Healthcare Index (KPHC) rose 0.3% to 67 and the index thus continues to recover from its all-time low in October of 57.12. In the past 12 months, it has significantly underperformed relative to the C25-index in Copenhagen and the S30-index in Stockholm, while the venture/small cap Kapital Partner Nordic Growth Exchanges index (KPNGX) has followed the KPHC-index’s downward trajectory.

The index was initiated in January 2020, where every healthcare stock had equal weighting. Today, ADDvise Group AB has a weighting of 7% after a stellar performance since January 2020 of above 1500%.

The index development for Kapital Partner Healthcare Index the past 12 months

The KPHC index includes all Nordic healthcare stocks. This means both Novo Nordisk and Genmab as well as Curasight.

48-102% in weekly retrun for the three best performing Nordic biotech & healthcare stocks the past week

Lidds AB (102%) (Nordnet) develops pharmaceutical products based on a patent-protected and clinically tested drug delivery technology. The properties of the products form the basis of LIDDS ‘technology platform for the development of injectable drug products. 

Ectin Research AB (80%) (Nordnet) specializes in research and development of drug candidates. The research is focused on developing drugs that aim to eliminate cancerous tumors in patients, with the greatest focus on the treatment of bladder cancer. In addition, the company intends to develop drugs for the treatment of breast, colorectal and prostate cancer cells.

Pharmacolog I Uppsala AB (48%) (Nordnet)  offers security solutions adapted for actors in healthcare. The services are used for the administration of intravenous medicine to prevent common administration errors, which is important in the treatment of cancer and severe diseases. Important factors to consider when treating include sterility, concentration, and recommendations.

Sources: Refinitiv & Nordnet


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