First milestone payment, Danish biotech stocks continue up while the Nordics trend down

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Despite a general negative trend for Nordic biotech and healthcare stocks, the best stocks increased their share price by 48-98%. The Danish stocks fared in general better than the Nordic counterparts.

In the past week, Curasight received its first milestone payment from its collaboration deal with Curium, Saniona published the prospectus for their upcoming rights issue, and price targets were issued for Genmab and Zealand Pharma. 8 of the 20 companies had a positive share price development the past week and 12 companies have had a positive share price performance year-to-date.

ExpreS2ion Biotech is the best performing Danish stock year-to-date with a 60% return and PMD Device Solutions was the best investment last week .

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Ascendis Pharma

No news the past week


No news the past week


No news the past week

CS Medica

No news the past week


Curasight A/S Achieves First Milestone under collaboration with Curium Inc. (Link)

Evaxion Biotech

No news the past week


No news the past week


No news the past week


Genmab got new price targets. Goldman Sachs lowered their price target to 2582 DKK from 2640 DKK, Citigroup to 1,765 DKK, and Barclays to 2,800 DKK from 3,000 DKK.


No news the past week

Initiator Pharma

No news the past week

IO Biotech

No news the past week

Pila Pharma

Pila Pharma has been selected to participate in the regional scale-up program “10X Health” (Link)


Saniona publishes prospectus in connection with forthcoming rights issue (Link)

Scandion Oncology

No news the past week

SynAct Pharma

No news the past week


No news the past week

Zealand Pharma

Morgan Stanley raised their price target from 295 DKK to 450 DKK

Y-mAbs Therapeutics

No news the past week


No news the past week



On average, the Danish biotech and healthcare stocks delivered a negative share price performance of the past week of -2%. The most notable news in the past week was Curasight’s first milestone payment from Curium worth 500.000 USD, and three new price targets for Genmab – all downgrades. Saniona published the prospectus for their upcoming rights issue, and Zealand received a new price target from Morgan Stanley of 450 DKK, but the stock is already trading above that today. The best stocks year-to-date are CS Medica, ViroGates, and Expres2ion Biotech Holding with 46-60% increases already after three weeks of trading. Overall the Danish biotech and healthcare stocks are in positive territory this year with a year-to-date return of 7.8%.

Read more about Curasight (in Danish): Positive studiedata mod lungekræft styrker Curasights stærke kursudvikling

Overview of share price developments the past week, year-to-date, and last twelve months


The past week, the all Nordic index Kapital Partner Nordic Healthcare Index (KPHC) fell 3.2% to 64.84 and the index thus trends down again after its recovery from the all-time low in October of 57.12. In the past 12 months, it has significantly underperformed relative to the C25-index in Copenhagen and the S30-index in Stockholm, while the venture/small cap Kapital Partner Nordic Growth Exchanges index (KPNGX) has followed the KPHC-index’s downward trajectory.

The index development for Kapital Partner Healthcare Index the past 12 months

The KPHC index includes all Nordic healthcare stocks. This means both Novo Nordisk and Genmab as well as Curasight.

47-98% in weekly retrun for the three best performing Nordic biotech & healthcare stocks the past week

PMD Device Solutions AB (98%) (Nordnet) is focused on developing peptide-based medicines, which includes treatment from wound care. The products can, for example, be used in the treatment of tendon repair, venous leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, and other chronic wounds. The company previously went by the name Promore Pharma.

Active BIotech AB (71%) (Nordnet) develops drugs in disease areas such as cancer and inflammatory diseases where the immune system plays a crucial role. The company’s project portfolio contains both small orally active immunomodulatory molecules and antibody-based immunotherapy. The company focuses on projects in specialist indications in disease areas such as hematological cancer, inflammatory eye diseases, and solid tumors. Active Biotech has risen 115% year-to-date, and the company has issued a press release saying that there is no information related to the share price increase.

QuiaPEG Pharmaceuticals AB (48%) (Nordnet) operates in medical technology. The company has developed a technological platform that is used to develop existing pharmaceuticals. The technology is based on what is known as PEGylation, a technique that connects water-soluble polymers with the pharmaceuticals and is used to improve various characteristics in the biopharmaceuticals in regards to stability and resistance. QuiaPEG Pharmaceuticals rose following a letter of intent to license with Net Zero Infrastucture PLC about the company’s current intangible assets including a call option (Link)

Sources: Refinitiv & Nordnet


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