Raising capital

We help raise capital for companies – both equity financing and debt capital – including hybrid equity, corporate loans, green bonds, structured financing, convertible loans, etc. We have a large network within HNWI, family offices, investment companies, investment funds and institutional investors. In addition, we have a network of investors with a strong interest in investing in companies in a relatively early phase, including investing in companies on the path to an IPO or other major investment round.

We help both private and listed companies, and for the latter both with public issues, including rights issues, private placements and accelerated book building. We are involved in all parts of the process, from the decision on the size and structure of the capital injection, to the preparation of the investment case and investor material to investor contact, negotiation and closing.

We have extensive experience in structured financing, including convertible loans, PIPEs, stock loans, equity lines of credit, etc. We both source the capital from local, regional and international investment companies and funds, as well as advise companies on negotiation and conclusion of these.

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