OTC - Over the counter

Companies listed on the Nasdaq Main Market/First North or Spotlight may be admitted to trading in the United States on the OTC exchange. The advantages of having your shares admitted to trading in the US are that US investors – as well as investors in many other countries – can buy and sell the stock, as well as buy and sell the stock in US dollars. This gives the company access to a significantly larger investor base than the primarily Nordic investors, and an opportunity to increase liquidity in the stock. Especially for companies with an American angle, such as US customers, suppliers or existing investors, a listing on the OTC market can be of great advantage.

It is a purely administrative process to get the shares admitted to trading on the OTC/QX and OTC/QB exchanges. The company will not be subject to the US exchange rules/SEC and it is therefore not double listing.

Kapital Partner advises on application and admission to the OTC in collaboration with an OTC Sponsor. In addition, we advise and service companies on the OTC to take advantage of the opportunities, including gaining international exposure.

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