Market relations

In addition to the companies on the main Nordic stock exchanges, there are approx. 1,000 companies listed on the Nordic growth exchanges. As a non-large cap company, investors’ attention, understanding and not least investable funds are therefore not achieved without significant and not least continuous effort.

Investor interest and understanding of the company and its investment case is crucial for the trading of the company’s shares (liquidity) and thus also for the price formation of the shares. Many companies realise too late that they have failed to maintain interest in the company and the liquidity leading to a downward spiral of declining turnover and share price. Such a situation can make it extremely difficult for the company to attract new capital, and thus exploiting one of the main reasons and opportunities for being a listed company.

Kapital Partner has decades of experience in communicating effectively to the equity markets – both private and institutional investors. We pass on this experience to companies through our Market Relations concept, which is aimed at Nordic listed companies.

Market Relations is thus designed to increase the liquidity of the company’s shares and to achieve greater awareness in the equity market of the investment case, thereby also improving the opportunities for new capital, whether through a public offering or a private placement. Market Relations continuously creates digital, omnichannel marketing of the company and the investment case, through research/analytics, websites, webinars, videos, interviews, etc.

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