Financial and strategic consulting

Consulting can consist of standalone advice or as advice in connection with or prior to a transaction. In relation to conventional “management consulting”, we work purposefully towards creating value and with concrete and executable initiatives.

We advise, among others, on:

  • Objectives & Strategy
  • Debt and equity financing
  • Capital and IPO readiness
  • Buyer advice
  • International listing

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Objectives & Strategy

We have advised management of both Danish and foreign companies, private companies as well as listed companies, within a wide range of sectors, including industry, healthcare, retail, mineral exploration, transportation, consumer goods, renewable energy, technology, SaaS and finance.

Additionally, we advise on corporate objectives and strategies to achieve the objectives, including definition measuring of KPIs, business model, expansion, markets & competitors and capital structure.

Debt and equity financing

We advise about financing of the company, including growth financing, project financing and change of ownership financing. Our consultancy services include advice regarding capital structure, the opportunities, risks and costs of the various forms of financing and financing providers.

Sale preparation, change of ownership and generation, and mergers

Preparation is the foundation of all success. It is therefore paramount to prepare for the sale of the company, regardless of whether it is a full or partial sale, and whether it is a sale to a known or unknown buyer/investor. Preparation includes:

  • Clarification of the seller’s wishes in relation to the ownership interest in the short and long term
  • The type of buyer/investor
  • The company’s organization and reporting
  • Strategy plan
  • Budgets and estimates
  • Valuation (enterprise value and equity value)
  • Information materials for the data room
  • Timing of the transaction

Mergers require further consideration and preparation, where factors such as the future organisation, company culture and relationships with customers and suppliers must be in place.

Capital and IPO readiness

Preparations to get new investors into the company, particularly if this happens in conjunction with the admission of the company’s shares to trading on a stock exchange, require careful preparation. We have experience with both capital injections and listings on various stock exchanges, including on growth exchanges (MTFs) and main markets.

IPO preparations are to a large extent the same as for a sale of the company. However, sourcing of investors and particularly the public listing have special challenges, that must be clarified early in the process. Significant areas include management, the board of directors, reporting, internal and stakeholder communication and processes.

Acquisition consulting

Acquisitions can be a significant factor in a company’s growth. We advise on acquisition strategy and assist with market research, valuation and valuation metrics.

International Stock Market listing

A stock market listing in the USA on Nasdaq or the New York Stock Exchange, or in England on the LSE can be an advantage for the right companies, as it gives them direct access to the international equities markets. An international listing is, however, a significantly more complex process than a listing in Denmark/Scandinavia.

Market mechanisms and the advisers’ role are significantly different from the Scandinavian’s. It is therefore a significant advantage for the company to have an adviser who knows the processes in detail and who only focuses on the interests of the company and its owners.

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