About us

Kapital Partner is a corporate finance and investment banking firm focusing on Nordic middle market companies – and their owners.

We have a broad sector approach and experience but have a particular focus on companies within the ESG sectors, including renewable energy, circular economy/recycling, sustainable production and impact.

Small and medium-sized companies all have a need for a dedicated adviser who understands the special challenges they face in connection with e.g. change of ownership, financing, mergers and acquisitions, and listing on a stock market.

Kapital Partner is that dedicated advisor.


Kapital Partner was established in 2016 by experienced investment bankers with the aim of assisting smaller and middle market companies with the professionalism, market insight and innovation from investment banking – adapted to the companies’ particular needs, organization and wishes.

As part of the development of the Danish investor culture, Kapital Partner was the driving force in re-establishing Nasdaq First North Denmark as a market platform where smaller and middle market companies could obtain capital. Thus, in 2017, Kapital Partner listed the first company on First North Denmark in 10 years with the listing of GreenMobility – a company that has since moved to the main stock exchange, Nasdaq Copenhagen.

Kapital Partner has helped many companies with their IPO, and both private and listed companies with, among others, financial and strategic advice, capital injection, merges and acquisitions.


Value-adding: It is essential for us to always add value to our clients – be it companies, owners or investors. Before we accept a task, we therefore carefully assess whether and to what extent we can add value.

Holistic: Successful processes are processes that are positive on both a short and long-term horizon. Our approach and methodology to every transaction and advice is “all the way around”, so that a “detail” does not affect the overall picture.

Efficiency: Transactions are often resource-intensive for those involved. It is therefore important that the processes are as efficient as possible. We achieve this by “one point of contact”, clear plans and objectives, which in turn has the advantage of keeping costs down.

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