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About Nexcom

For large companies with several thousand or hundreds of thousands of customers, automated systems are needed to handle customer enquiries by telephone or e-mail, for example – from the actual contact with customers to the execution of customer wishes and orders. Nexcom provides such IT systems to B2C companies in particular, in the fields of telephony, insurance, energy and property management. Nexcom’s customers are from Scandinavia, Europe and North America and include among others Telenor in Denmark and the USA, Telia in Denmark, Norway and Lithuania, and Groupon, RealPage and Lash in the USA.

Nexcom‘s products consist of three systems:

eTray supports, optimizes and automates workflows, handles all written inquiries (e-mails, SMS, letters, contracts, faxes, etc.) and distributes them to relevant employees.

RevealCX web-based quality monitoring platform optimizes and streamlines corporate customer contact centers.

RevealCX Boost is an AI-assisted system that enhances RevealCX through “voice-transcription” technology and machine learning

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