Swedish stock behind supermaterial soared in a good week on the Nordic growth exchanges

Developments during the week at the Nordic growth exchanges

The Kapital Partner Nordic Growth Exchanges (KPNGX) index rose 2.4% last week. The Swedish S30 index rose 4%, while the Danish C25 index rose 4.2%. 522 out of 917 companies in the KPNGX index delivered a positive return last week. The 3 best performing stocks on the Nordic emerging markets were Svenska Aerogel Holding AB (+78%), QLife Holding AB (+63%) and Rebelle AB (+63%). The worst performing stock of the week was Samtrygg AB, down 25%.

KPNGX index development since 01.01.2020

The KPNGX index consists of all listed companies on the Nordic growth exchanges, including Nasdaq First North Growth Market, Spotlight Stock Market and EuroNext Growth.

Developments at sector level on the Nordic growth exchanges

There were gains in all sectors except consumer non-cyclicals, which were unchanged from the previous week. Utilities performed best with an increase of 5.5%. Basic materials, healthcare, consumer cyclicals and academic & educational services outperformed the KPNGX index, which rose 2.4%.

Sector returns for the KPNGX index last week

The 3 best performing stocks on the Nordic growth exchanges last week

Svenska Aerogel Holding AB (+78%) (Nordnet) operates in the industrial sector. The company focuses on solutions in materials technology with products used for insulation, paint, and surface layers. The patented technology is based on the material Quartzene, an alternative to the traditional aerogel, a gel that is filled with air and used in gas filtration and insulation.

Svenska Aerogel Holding AB announced last week that it had signed a cooperation agreement with a world leader in the process industry to use the company’s material Quartzene.

Share price development of Svenska Aerogel Holding AB year to date

QLife Holding AB (+63%) (Nordnet) is a medical technology company. The company specializes in the research and development of IVD units. The units are used as biomarker tests in blood and are used as a complement to other tests in healthcare. Cooperation is also carried out with other actors on the market.

Share price development of QLife Holding AB year to date

Rebelle AB (+63%) (Nordnet) operates in the e-commerce sector. The company is a reseller of products and luxury goods in second-hand fashion items and accessories. The range includes, for example, products from Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hermès, and Prada that are resold under external brands. The customer base is mainly private buyers around the global market, with the largest presence in Europe.

Share price development of Rebelle AB year to date

Developments during the week on First North Denmark

The Kapital Partner First North Danmark (KPFNDK) index rose 0.1% during the week, and the KPFNDK index continues to be one of the best performing stock indices in the Nordic region relative to the other indices year to date. However, since 1 January 2020, the index has delivered a negative return.

KPFNDK index development since 01.01.2020

Developments during the week on First North Denmark at company level

28 out of 51 companies in the KPFNDK index delivered a positive return. Seluxit A/S became the week’s supreme winner for the second week in a row with a 24% increase. The previous week, Seluxit shares rose 28%. After the strong performance of recent weeks, Seluxit A/S is up 45% year to date. SPENN Technology A/S and Hove A/S followed with increases of 15% and 11% respectively. ViroGates A/S was the loser of the week with a fall of 18%.

Development on First North Denmark last week

Winner of the week on First North Denmark: Seluxit A/S for the second week in a row

Seluxit A/S (+24%) (Nordnet) is active in the IT sector. The company offers digital solutions in the field of Internet of Things, IoT. The company has currently developed a digital platform that enables its enterprise customers to connect different products and business systems. Most solutions are cloud-based.

The company did not make any company-specific news during the week that could explain the past week’s increase.

Price development of Seluxit A/S year to date

Developments during the week for the Nordic healthcare stocks

The Kapital Partner Healtcare (KPHC) index rose 0.1% during the week. 178 out of 293 companies in the index rose during the week. QLife Holding AB (+63%) was the gainer of the week. Calmark Sweden AB, Luxbright AB and Hansa Biopharma followed well with increases of 44-48%. ViroGates A/S was the worst performer, down 18%.

Development of the KPHC index since 01.01.2020


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