Evaxion Biotech strengthens its management with new CEO

Evaxion Biotech’s CEO for the past nine years, Lars Staal Wegner, will be replaced by the highly experienced Per Norlén, who will continue the company’s rapid development with phase IIb studies, partnership with Merck and expansion of the pipeline with more cancer indications and other diseases.

Per Norlén is currently CEO of Targinta AB and CMO of the parent company Xintela, listed on First North in Sweden [XINT], and will take over the role of CEO of Evaxion Biotech within the next six months. Per Norlén has previously been CMO and CEO for over 10 years at Alligator Bioscience AB, listed on Nasdaq Stockholm (Main Market) [ATORX]. Prior to this, Per Norlén was with AstraZeneca R&D. Thus, an experienced person has been chosen to lead Evaxion Biotech forward.

Evaxion Biotech share price YTD (USD)

Evaxion Biotech is a Danish biotech company listed in the US that uses AI-based platforms to develop immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer (the PIONEER platform) and infectious diseases, including bacterial (the EDEN platform) and viral (the RAVEN platform). Promising data from the two ongoing clinical programmes EVX-01 (treatment of metastatic melanoma) and EVX-02 (treatment of adjuvant melanoma) will, in our view, pave the way for further catalysts in the near term. We see several benefits from the use of AI-based platforms, which we believe could expand the use of immunotherapies into additional disease areas that we believe will add further value. Read more here…

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