Danish stock behind analysis tools continues to perform in negative market

Developments during the week at the Nordic growth exchanges

The Kapital Partner Nordic Growth Exchanges (KPNGX) index fell 4.1% last week. The Swedish S30 index fell 1.6 while the Danish C25 index fell 4%. 299 out of 913 companies in the KPNGX index delivered a positive return last week. The 3 best performing stocks on the Nordic emerging markets were Incoax Networks AB (+102%), Savosolar Oyj (+63%) and Q-Interline A/S(+37%). The worst performing stock of the week was Vastsvensk Logistik AB, down 99%.

KPNGX index development since 01.01.2020

The KPNGX index consists of all listed companies on the Nordic growth exchanges, including Nasdaq First North Growth Market, Spotlight Stock Market and EuroNext Growth.

The sentiment on the Kapital Partners index last week:

The positive percentage shows the proportion of companies within the indices that delivered a positive return during the week.

Developments at sector level on the Nordic growth exchanges

All sectors saw large declines except academic & educational services performed best last week with a 3.3% increase. Basic materials was the worst performing sector of the week after falling 3.8%, while industrials followed with a 3.5% drop.

Sector returns for the KPNGX index last week

The 3 best performing stocks on the Nordic growth exchanges last week

Incoax Networks AB (+102%) (Nordnet) is a telecommunications company. The company is focused on providing products and services within telecommunications and broadband, with the main focus on various IP and surfing solutions with Gigabit speed. The company develops both hardware and software and has customers in several industries.

Incoax Networks AB announced last week that it received an order from a Tier-1 operator worth SEK 3-5 million. Incoax Networks AB has a market capitalisation of SEK 121 million and the share price has fallen 59% year to date.

Share price development of Incoax Networks AB year to date

Savosolar Oyj (+63%) (Nordnet) is a Finnish company providing solar heating systems for district heating and industrial process heating. The heating systems it supplies include proprietary solar collectors around which it builds complete subsystems, including control, heat storage, delivery and integration with other heat sources.

Savosolar reached an agreement during the week with VG-Shipping to acquire Meriaura and VG Ecofuels for shares. Savosolar’s current shareholders will own 30 percent and VG-Shipping 70 percent of the new company formed after the deal. The company has a market capitalisation of 16MEUR at the time of writing and the share price has risen 64% year to date.

Share price development of Savosolar Oyj year to date

Q-Interline A/S (+37%) (Nordnet) operates in the technology sector. The company develops technical analytical solutions and measuring equipment used in process and product analysis. Its customers are in the food, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries.

The company has a market capitalization of 221MDKK, and the stock has increased 332% year to date.

Share price development of Q-interline A/S year to date

Developments during the week on First North Denmark

The Kapital Partner First North Danmark (KPFNDK) index rose 1.5% last week. The KPFNDK index is one of the best performing stock indices in the Nordic region relative to the other indices year to date. However, since 1 January 2020, the index has delivered a negative return, which is worse than both the KPNGX index, the C25 index and the S30 index, which have all delivered positive returns since 1 January 2020.

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KPFNDK index development since 01.01.2020

Developments during the week on First North Denmark at company level

20 out of 52 companies in the KPFNDK index delivered a positive return. Q Interline A/S was the winner of the week with an increase of 37%. Donkeyrepublic Holding A/S followed with a 12% increase. LED iBond International A/S was the worst performing stock of the week after a 32% drop. LED iBond International A/S has fallen 65% year to date.

Development on First North Denmark last week

Developments during the week for the Nordic healthcare stocks

The Kapital Partner Healthcare (KPHC) index fell 4% during the week. 108 out of 293 companies in the index rose during the week. Lumito A/S (+28%) was the winner of the week. Lytix Biopharma AS (22%) and ScandiDos AB (21%) also rose to the top among Nordic healthcare stocks after increases of 22% and 21%, respectively. Dancann Pharma A/S was the worst performer, down 67%.

Development of the KPHC index since 01.01.2020

Winner of the week for Nordic healthcare stocks: Lumito AB

Lumito AB (28%) (Nordnet) is a medical technology company. Today, the company specialises in research and development of diagnostics with a focus on tissue samples. The product platform is based on the patented technology and the first product developed within digital pathology is targeted at pathology departments in hospitals and contract laboratories.

The company’s market capitalisation is SEK 203 million and the share price has fallen 60%.

Price development of Lumito AB year to date


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