Chairman sells MDKK 150 worth of shares – the stock is up like the index

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Last week was influenced by easter with only 3.5 trading days. Biosergen and SynAct Pharma raised significant amounts of capital, while there were also several insider transactions with a chairman selling for MDKK 150 worth of shares being the most notable one. Furthermore, Evaxion Biotech and 2cureX also gave a business update, and CS Medica also released Q4 results.

15 of the 21 Danish companies had a positive share price development the past week and 8 companies have had a positive share price performance year-to-date. Y-mAbs Therapeutics is still the best-performing Danish healthcare stock year-to-date with a 137% return, closely followed by Gubra, and SynAct Pharma was the best Nordic healthcare investment last week.

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No news the past week

Ascendis Pharma

No news the past week


Biosergen announces the outcome in the rights issue (Link)


Minutes from the Annual General Meeting (Link)

CS Medica

Release of 2023 Q report, for the period October – December 2023, including an invitation to a live-streamed conference call on 5st April, at 11 AM CET (Link)


No news the past week

Evaxion Biotech

Evaxion Announces Business Update and Full Year 2023 Financial Results (Link)


No news the past week


No news the past week


Transactions in Connection with Share Buy-back Program (Link)


There were several insider transactions last week in Gubra including an MDKK 150 sale by the chairman (Link).

Initiator Pharma

No news the past week

IO Biotech

No news the past week

Pila Pharma

No news the past week


No news the past week

Scandion Oncology

No news the past week

SynAct Pharma

SynAct Pharma publishes Annual Report 2023 (Link)

SynAct Pharma AB has successfully completed the bookbuilding procedure – directed issues provide the company with a total of up to 49.2 MSEK (Link)


No news the past week

Zealand Pharma

A member of the board of directors sold 2,000 shares at DKK 712 corresponding to DKK 1,424,000 (Link)

Y-mAbs Therapeutics

No news the past week


2CUREX AB provides an update on its financial position and current operations (Link)



On average, the Danish biotech and healthcare stocks delivered a positive share price performance of the past week of 3.1%. SynAct Pharma became the best performer with a 26% increase following the release of its annual report and a capital raise of up to MSEK 49.2. Scandion Oncology also rose 26% after a relatively high turnover in the stock on March 27 although there was no news in the market. Furthermore, Biosergen announced the outcome of its rights issue of units that were subscribed to approx. 65%. Biosergen received MSEK 26.4 before costs. Additionally, there were also several insider transactions with Gubra’s chairman selling MDKK 150 worth of shares being the most notable one.

The best stocks year-to-date are Y-mAbs Therapeutics, Zealand Pharma, and Gubra with 83-137% increases after the first 3 months of trading. Overall the Danish biotech and healthcare stocks are in positive territory this year with a year-to-date return of 6.3%.

Overview of share price developments the past week, year-to-date, and last twelve months


In the past week, the all-Nordic index Kapital Partner Nordic Healthcare Index (KPHC) rose 1.4% to 61.11. The index was recovering from its all-time low in October of 57.12 but has since been on a downward trajectory. In the past 12 months, the index has significantly underperformed relative to large caps, while the venture/small cap Kapital Partner Nordic Growth Exchanges index (KPNGX) has followed the KPHC index’s downward trajectory down around 20%.

The index development for Kapital Partner Healthcare Index the past 12 months

The KPHC index includes all Nordic healthcare stocks. This means both Novo Nordisk and Genmab as well as Curasight.

34-40% in weekly return for the three best-performing Nordic biotech & healthcare stocks the past week

Pharmacolog i Uppsala AB (40%) (Nordnet) offers security solutions adapted for actors in healthcare. The services are used for the administration of intravenous medicine to prevent common administration errors, which is important in the treatment of cancer and severe diseases. Important factors to consider when treating include sterility, concentration, and recommendations.

CHOSA Oncology AB (39%) (Nordnet) has developed the iCIP platform, which includes a liposomal formulation of cisplatin (LiPlaCis) and the companion diagnostic (DRP) tool detecting patients who benefit the most from the cisplatin treatment. The recently achieved clinical phase 2b results mean that the Company is now gearing up the business development activities to find partners for partnership or trade deal. The company appointed a new CFO in the past week.

Chordate Medical Holding AB (34%) (Nordnet) is a medical technology company that has developed, patented, and CE-marked a nerve-modulating treatment technique for chronic migraine and chronic nasal congestion (rhinitis), Kinetic Oscillation Stimulation (KOS). The company sells its products to treating clinics in selected European markets, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, with the aim of increasing its presence in the global market.

Sources: Refinitiv Eikon, Cision, Nordnet & company websites


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